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"Dead" three months free magazine =$1 $10/1300mile+, throw in my experience

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Fixed return return now +Deal= take money

"Dead" three months free magazine = class=

1. Deal profile

"Aviation Portal under the plane, returning to network TV $2" Deal1: now subscribe to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) just $1 three months and go back to network or rebate network click, you can get 800-1300mile (UA) or $10 bonus.Free magazine =$1 is equivalent to $10/1300mile+ three months.Now only the Fatwallet and eBates offer $10.

"Dead" three months free magazine = class=

Deal2: "expired" each return air mileage is Barron removed

Barrons subscription for three months now just need $1 and goes back mileage network starts clicking, you can get 800-1300mile (UA/AA).Free magazine =$1 is equivalent to 1300mile+ three months.

  • Return to mileage NET UA (UA card to 1200mile, no 800mile, require UA account login)
  • Return AA mileage NET (return 1300mile, need an AA account login)

"Dead" three months free magazine = class=

2. Concrete steps

Network and subscribe to WSJ returned to AA mileage, for example, recurrent Fatwallet and other mileage NET operation is the same, you need cash back on FatWallet, need to walk miles range that corresponds to the network.

  • Return to mileage into the AA network, you need AA account login, search for Wall Street Journal

"Dead" three months free magazine = class=

  • Click on the Shop Now, access to WSJ.If you have a AMEX card, AMEX Checkout is directly recommended, no longer have to fill out a personal information.If you want to pay by card, re-register the account.

"Dead" three months free magazine = class=

  • And step by step fill out address and method of payment on the line
  • After the successful reservation, in the 3-5 days, mile pending your AA accounts will appear (below is my subscription last year got the mileage)

"Dead" three months free magazine = class=

  • Before the expiration of three months, please call the customer service phone, cancel the subscription (you can only call to cancel)

3. Matters needing attention

  • WSJ and Barrons provided only within 180 days of users without a subscription to $1 three months discount
  • An air return to mileage account can only obtain a subscription to the award
  • Cancel the subscription can only be called and customer service in a variety of ways to encourage you to continue your subscription, you must insist that no, must be cancelled.Then see in the accounts is not automatically renew, until the end.
  • If you are afraid of forgetting to cancel, you can use the Citi credit card generating virtual account subscription or use Visa Gift Card with little money to subscribe
  • If not seen air miles in 20 days, you can contact customer service via email, attach the subscription order number on the line



"Dead" three months free magazine = target=
"Dead" three months free magazine = target=
"Dead" three months free magazine = target=
"Dead" three months free magazine = target=

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